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Eyebrow shape/tint – Eyelash tint

Eyebrow shape

Like haircuts, eyebrow shapes aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your perfect brows depend on the dimensions of your face and by choosing the right brow-shape he entire eye area can be opened up and work to improve your faces symmetry. The perfect brow for you can make you look fresh, rested and healthy.

Eyebrow tint

Eyebrow tinting is a quick treatment with the ability to make eyebrows appear fuller and darker in the blink of an eye. When combined with an eyebrows shape a defined beautiful pair of brows can be achieved in minutes. Eyebrow tint is described as semi-permanent dye not because the colour fades but because eyebrow hairs have a very short growth cycle. Eyebrow hairs tend to fall out within 6-8 weeks, taking the tint with them.

Eyelash tint

Eyelash tinting involves carefully dying the lashes with safe tints to give them a natural, darker appearance. It is essentially a semi-permanent form of mascara that stays smudge-free and perfect until you shed your lashes naturally.

Although the eyelash tint itself is permanent, the effects will only last as long as the growth cycle of your eyelashes. As each dyes lash reaches the end of its growth cycle it will fall out and cause the darker look of your lashes to gradually fade over time.

Eyebrow shape £14.00
Eyebrow tint £15.00
Eyelash tint £20.00


We require you to have a patch test at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid any kind of irritation or contra-indications.

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