Ingrid Raphael

Facial treatments

Facial treatments

When booking in for facial treatments, you simply book ‘time’, the only decision you need to make is ‘how long? Skin condition is affected by seasonal and emotional factors. I believe that skin needs to be treated accordingly and each treatment is personalised.

Once you arrive, an in-depth skin analysis is carried out, your skin type and skin needs are discussed and then your treatment is customised accordingly and formulated with your approval.

All bespoke facials combine the use of signature massage alongside advanced machines to deep cleanse & restore skin health. The treatment will draw on a specially selected mix of cosmeceutical products with enhanced penetration techniques to deliver deep dramatic results, some other products that are kept specifically for treatments, and also many techniques learned over years in the industry to ensure a complete bespoke facial experience that is tailored to your skins individual conditions and needs.

Treatments are tailored to treat a variety of concerns from sensitive skins, ageing and sun damage to acne and congestion. Regular facials lead to long-term skin health and radiance.

30 mins £44.00

45 mins £66.00

60 mins £83.00

75 mins £110.00

90 mins £132.00

120 mins £184.00

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