Ingrid Raphael


Bikini line

The least painful of the procedures, a regular bikini wax removes all unwanted hair from the outer regions of the pubic area and the top inner part of the thighs, to ensure that no pubic hair is visible when wearing underwear, swimsuit or bikini.

Extended bikini

The main difference between the extended and the regular bikini wax is that the waxing will go a couple of inches further inwards creating a more defined triangle, with narrower edges, and the top of your public hair if you want to wear very low cut bikini bottoms.

Brazilian bikini

Going much further into the bikini area, the Brazilian will leave a thin strip of hair (often referred to as a landing strip) whilst removing all the rest of the pubic hair.

Hollywood bikini

The Hollywood bikini wax removes all traces of pubic hair. Completely bare, front and back!


Bikini line £19.00
Extended bikini £26.00
Brazilian bikini £44.00
Hollywood bikini £52.00


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