Ingrid Raphael

Bio sculpture gel®

Bio sculpture gel®

Bio sculpture gel® can be applied as an overlay onto the natural nails to provide strength. There is a choice of clear, colour or French finish. The gel dries instantly under a UV curing, giving it that strong, flexible, glossy finish which lasts for up to three weeks. As buffing is not carried out on the natural nail, no long-term damage occurs and it is easily removed without any nail damage.

Betterfingers and gel overlay £44.00

Nail shape, cuticle tidy and treatment, hand and arm massage, a moisturising treatment and application of bio sculpture gel.

File of nails and gel overlay £22.00

Remove existing gel (that I applied) file of nails and gel overlay £32.00

Removal of overlays £14.00

Silk repair (per nail) £11.00

Used to repair breaks in the nail and prevent any further damage

Nail art (pricing on request)

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