“North London’s best kept beauty secret” - TimeOut Magazine

Skincare, with heart

As a little girl, my defining moment was seeing the absolute joy – and total transformation – that my mum felt after she’d given herself a manicure. It was a valuable lesson: the smallest acts of self-care can create great waves of confidence. Confidence I’ve dedicated my entire profession to helping people – people like YOU – feel deep down in their soul.

I’m not focused on searching for perfection – because you’re pretty perfect as you are. I’m focused on restoring your skin’s health so you can live with confidence.

From my clinic in North London, I meet people from all walks of life, and all corners of the globe. Whether you come to visit me in person for one of my much-talked-about treatments, or you book an online consultation to seek my expert advice from further afield, you’ll always get the same enthusiasm; the same high level of care; the same dedication to transforming your skin (and your confidence along with it).

Need me to travel further afield? Get in touch to discuss on-location skincare!

With You For The Long Haul

I’m not in the skincare game to make a quick buck. I’m here because making people feel good is what helps me to sleep at night. I want to educate you about your skin, give you the tools to take care of yourself from within, and address the root cause of your skincare concerns. I’ll never sell you products you don’t need, or push services that aren’t right for you. Instead, I’ll act as a trusted guide throughout your skincare journey; here to help, whenever you need me.

There are no short-cuts and no quick fixes – but if you give me your time, I’ll give you the radiant skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Are you ready to improve the health of your skin?


Kind Words The difference is insane! You have really restored my confidence.
Kind Words I remember you telling me you’re no magician. But I think you kinda are.
Kind Words I’m so grateful I found Ingrid because she has completely transformed my skin. I trust her with any concern about my skin or even my gut because she connects the two and wants you to heal inside out, not just on the surface.
Kind Words Thank you for all your advice, I’m genuinely seeing such a huge difference in my skin after only a few weeks. No hard bumps under the skin and overall my skin is so much less reactive/red/dry. I can’t thank you enough!
Kind Words Honestly my skin has never looked better. No more sandpaper feeling. It’s been incredible. Full on glow. Lots of people commenting too... so cool.
Kind Words I got ID-ed buying alcohol in Sainsbury’s after I’d left the clinic!
Ingrid Raphael