“North London’s best kept beauty secret” - TimeOut Magazine

Welcome, I’m Ingrid Raphael

I’m a skincare specialist and combine my background in medical aesthetics with an empathetic, holistic approach that works inside and out to restore your skin’s natural health and radiance. Inspired by the power of elemental energies, I seek to bring calm and well-being to clients during consultations and treatments, as well as helping educate you on the uniqueness of your skin’s needs.

I firmly believe that beauty does not equal youth – it comes neither from a lack of wrinkles or a “perfect” complexion. I hope to inspire people to see that real beauty comes from within us; from our presence, our wellness and from the youthfulness we exude by being our true selves. This is why I take the opportunity to guide everyone who reaches out to the clinic on an individual journey to reimagine who you think you are – and who you can become – helping you feel more beautiful inside and out.

“The only path to healing yourself right now is finding the unique beauty within you” – Ingrid Raphael



The secrets behind my skincare magic can be unveiled by gaining a deeper understanding of our largest and most visible organ: our skin.

As we tend to focus predominantly on the top layer, we ignore the role of our epidermis as a mirror of what’s going on inside. ⁠⁠While this protective layer of desiccated cells is a crucial barrier that protects us from external damage, our skin is a multi-layered array – an envelope of 800,000 neurons, 11 metres of nerves, and around 200 sensory receptors in each (and every) square centimetre.

Increasingly, I’ve seen that the worst damage to our skin comes not from outside, but from within. ⁠Poor self-perception, compromised microbiomes and unbalanced hormones are all factors that have a major impact on how we feel and look. This is why my restorative approach is designed to nurture and nourish from the inside out.



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Kind Words I remember you telling me you’re no magician. But I think you kinda are.
Kind Words I’m so grateful I found Ingrid because she has completely transformed my skin. I trust her with any concern about my skin or even my gut because she connects the two and wants you to heal inside out, not just on the surface.
Kind Words The difference is insane! You have really restored my confidence.
Kind Words Thank you for all your advice, I’m genuinely seeing such a huge difference in my skin after only a few weeks. No hard bumps under the skin and overall my skin is so much less reactive/red/dry. I can’t thank you enough!
Kind Words Honestly my skin has never looked better. No more sandpaper feeling. It’s been incredible. Full on glow. Lots of people commenting too... so cool.
Kind Words I got ID-ed buying alcohol in Sainsbury’s after I’d left the clinic!
Ingrid Raphael