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These Interstellar Relaxation eye masks from Spacemasks are ideal for winding down – whether you’re at home, commuting, or even on your lunch break at work!

Relax tired eyes with this self-heating mask that activates within 5 minutes of application. The light jasmine scent will also help invigorate your senses and help you reduce stress and re-energise. Leave on for 15 minutes and transport yourself to a place of serenity and calm.


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Ohhhh where to begin with these beauties? Spacemasks are nothing short of an eye-mask revolution. With a thin layer of iron filings that self-heats on exposure to the air, each Spacemask is subtly infused with soothing jasmine (sufficient to delight but not irritate) to relieve and soothe tired eyes, minds and souls. The heating benefit may be one-use, but the scent lingers longer so you can enjoy your masks as more than a one-off. These are a cult favourite in the making. 5 in each box.

Why We Sell It

Their description as “interstellar relaxation” is spot on – these babies are unbelievably soothing and relaxing. In fact, I defy you to put one on in clinic – or in bed of a nighttime – and not fall asleep! With rave reviews from countless beauty publications, from Byrdie to Bazaar, you’ve just got to try these!


– Utterly luxurious air-activated, self-heating eye masks
– Thin layer of iron filings safely and gently warms on exposure to the air
– Subtly scented with soothing jasmine
– Warm compress action soothes tired eyes
– Unbelievably relaxing
– Reduces puffiness and eye bags by boosting circulation
– Blocks light, so great for treatments and travel alike
– Cotton mask is secured with loops behind the ears for comfort


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