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Make uncomfortable rosacea skin a thing of the past with specialist treatment

If you’re tired of battling the constant redness and ongoing irritation that comes with rosacea, you’re in the right place. As a renowned rosacea skincare specialist, I’m here to soothe your skin and reclaim its natural beauty with bespoke facial treatments– giving you the confidence you deserve. My treatment clinic is based in North London, and I offer in-person or online consultations.

Because I understand the impact that rosacea can have on every area of your life, I’ll take you through your healing journey with empathy, understanding, and a promise to always tell you what you need to hear for long-lasting, high-impact results.

Tailored specialist skincare treatment for lasting relief from rosacea

Rosacea is a highly individual condition, so instead of jumping on the latest viral trend to simply mask the problem, I’ll work with you to understand your skin’s stressors, along with your own specific concerns. We’ll start with a detailed consultation: this is where I look at your skin and ask you lots of questions about your health, diet, lifestyle, medication, and current skincare practices.

Together, we’ll create a customised Rosacea treatment plan that’s right for you. That might include my now-famous facials (lovingly carried out at my state-of-the-art North London clinic), tailored treatments using cutting-edge technology, or a specially curated mix of products that are hand-picked (and hand-blended) by me.

What to expect from your rosacea treatment

When you book your first rosacea treatment, I’ll send you a couple of important forms to fill out – but the real magic happens when I see you! All of my clients have an in-depth consultation at the start of their specialist skincare journey; this can last anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes, depending on your skin concerns. From that point, we’ll be able to determine what Rosacea treatments you need to nurture your skin back to full radiance.

Because a consultation is about getting to grips with your Rosacea frustrations, I need to understand exactly where they’re coming from. That means I’ll be looking at your current skincare routine, lifestyle, and general health to pinpoint any underlying stressors that could be showing on your skin – so it helps to make a note of what products you’re using, any medications you’re taking, and what type of diet you follow (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free etc).

If you don’t have time, don’t worry; we’ll chat it all through.

Education is a big part of what I do, so you’ll always have me on hand to keep you on track with rosacea-friendly products and routines to maintain your progress.

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Real progress from Rosacea treatment

Your skin

Inflammation and redness from rosacea calmed with a gentle touch

What a difference 12 months makes! This beautiful client responded amazingly to her uniquely tailored rosacea skincare plan, which tackled inflammation from the inside out to reduce redness, improve skin tone, restore barrier function and rediscover radiance.

Skin transformed with a Skin Wisdom® plan that included:

  • Bespoke at-home prescriptive skincare routine + tailored products
  • Course of  bespoke LED treatment
  • Food and vitamin supplements
  • Dietary guidance

The power of LED Phototherapy

After a flare-up in January this year, we decided to switch her facials for an intense course of LED Phototherapy treatment. ⁠She visited me weekly for a bespoke course of LED treatments and used products I formulated specifically for her skin.⁠

After 10 years of suffering from rosacea, she now has it under control and her skin is glowing ✨️

Skin transformed with a Skin Wisdom® plan that included:

  • Bespoke at-home prescriptive skincare routine + tailored products
  • Course of  bespoke LED treatment
Ingrid Raphael