Cleansing Milk (With DMS)


Available in 30ml and 150ml bottles, Dermaviduals’ Cleansing Milk is specially formulated to combine the benefits of a cleanser and skincare cream to smooth and soften skin, as well as remove makeup residue and unclog pores. Its non-irritating formula can be used on all skin types and the product does not need to be washed off after use.


Formulated with dermaviduals’ unique Derma Membrane Structure. Cleansing Milk with DMS is free of tenside components, for care and cleansing all in one.


150ml, 30ml

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Formulated with dermaviduals®’ unique Derma Membrane Structure, so-named because it mimics the composition of healthy skin as closely as possible, this unctuous, creamy cleansing milk gently removes makeup and dirt without disturbing the skin’s natural barrier. Free of surfactants, emulsifiers and fragrance, this silky cleanser leaves nothing behind except a comfortable, nourished feeling, no matter your skin type.

This cleansing milk is like no other and once you use it you will want to use no other! It is my all time favourite and works beautifully at taking care of your skin’s barrier.

Why We Sell It

Super-gentle care and brilliant cleansing in one, this is an ultimate hero product that works for even the most sensitive, reactive and hyperactive of skins. For me, there’s nothing else on the market that beats this cleanser. Quite simply, it’s the best. So much so that it’s the only cleanser I have stocked for years.


– Super gentle and effective
– Minimal, ph-balanced formulation to reduce the possibility of irritation
– Gorgeously silky, creamy texture that glides onto skin
– Works for all skin concerns and types, including sensitive skins, eczema, rosacea, dry, dehydrated, mature and menopausal skin or any kind of dermatitis
– Protects against dryness, flakiness, redness and sensitivity


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