Clinisept+ Skin Cleanser with Pump


This Clinisept+ Skin antimicrobial cleanser is ideal for use following any skincare treatment and is specially formulated to support the highest levels cleansing without causing dryness, irritation, or redness. Alongside its purification properties, this cleanser can also act as a deodoriser.




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“Finally!” I thought when I discovered Clinisept+. This gentle sanitising fluid is effective but, unlike so many others, it’s also oh-so-kind to skin. When I started using this, I had to order it from the director’s PA to get my hands on it! Amazing to see how well-known it is today – but no surprise because it’s the best.

Why We Sell It

Everyone needs a bottle of this at home. As good for cuts and grazes as it is when you’ve squeezed a spot and need something to prevent infection and sanitise. This all-in-one saviour is the answer – and it’s alcohol-free, so you don’t jump out of your skin from the sting if used on broken skin.


– Highly effective cleansing and antimicrobial hygiene with no irritation or sensitivity
– Gentle enough for use on any skin types, even sensitive
– Provides optimum levels of hygiene
– Designed for use in professional aesthetics; before, during and after treatment
– Provides the ideal conditions for natural and rapid skin healing


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