Liposome Concentrate Plus


Dermaviduals’ Liposome Concentrate Plus is ideal for acne and rosacea-prone skin and also helps to reduce the appearance of pores. Its anti-inflammatory formula works to suppress the formation of sebum as well as inhibit melanin formation for a more even complexion.


Naturally occurring azelaic acid in a liposomal dispersion of highly enriched native phosphatidylcholine.



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Acne, blemish-prone or Rosacea skin? This is the serum for you. With dermaviduals®’ usual high quality, high potency formulation, it delivers on all key fronts for reddened and inflamed skin: Phosphatidylcholine – a key component of your skin’s cell membranes, helps to repair and restore skin health Linoleic acid (omega 6) – a wonderful anti-inflammatory with also helps to liquefy sebum and reduce clogged pores (and therefore blemishes, whiteheads and blackheads!) and Azelaic acid – a naturally occurring antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient, which also helps normalise the growth of follicular skin cells and can effectively reduce hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Why We Sell It

Another favourite of mine – I’ve lost count of how many bottles of this stuff I have sold through the years! It’s helped many, many clients. I love it for red, rosacea skins that can tolerate it. A highly enriched, native phosphatidylcholine in a liposomal dispersion the naturally occurring azelaic acid acts to regulate the consistency. The liposomes are incredibly rich in essential, anti-inflammatory fatty acids (linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid) and thoroughly penetrate the uppermost skin layer to deliver the good stuff. Provides hard-to-match support for blemished and inflamed skin because it works well… and can work fast!


– Intensive care for blemish and rosacea-prone skin
– Calming, anti-inflammatory action that offers great, fast results for skins that can tolerate its natural acids (very sensitive skins should adopt a softly, softly approach – contact me to discuss if unsure)
– Antibacterial properties which liquefy sebum and inhibit the growth of bacteria within the pore
– Strengthens cell membranes for healthier skin and normalises skin cell production inside pores, reducing clogging
– Helps prevent the formation of black heads, whiteheads and blemishes
– Helps to prevent and reduce acne scarring and hyperpigmentation
– Inhibits melanin formation to prevent new hyperpigmentation
– Reduces oiliness by liquefying sebum on the skin
– Also effective for keratosis pilaris


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