Linseed Oil Nanoparticles


Dermaviduals’ milky Linseed Oil Nanoparticles serum contains essential omega-3 fatty acids making it ideal for dry, acne-prone skin or sun-damaged skin following long exposure. Its unique properties ensure maximum absorption by the skin in a first-of-its-kind formula that features oils in nanoparticles.

Ingredients: Pure linseed oil encapsulated in a phosphatidylcholine nano-dispersion.



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Linseed oil is a wonderful source of Omega 3, one of the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) essential for healthy, radiant skin that retains a youthful look. Like all EFAs, we need it – but our bodies don’t produce it naturally so we must supplement through diet, supplements and high-quality topical skincare. dermaviduals®’ Linseed Oil Nanoparticles contains a very high potency (51/9-55.2%) alpha-linolenic acid which is enzymatically transformed in the skin to an anti-inflammatory with accompanying soothing properties (try saying that fast!). This makes it a perfect choice for those suffering with skin sensitivity and inflammation. Also great for more mature skins, as Omega 3 helps to strengthen skin cell membranes so they can retain moisture and nutrients better, which in turn prolongs the life of the cells.

Why We Sell It

This magical formulation is stabilised in nanoparticles to guarantee maximum benefit for the skin. The high-potency alpha-linolenic acid formula is ideal for the prevention and care of angry, reddened and photodamaged skin. I’ve also found this to be great for acne skins, because of its Omega 3 EFA content (remember, that’s a fatty acid that’s essential for healthy and radiant skin). Some research studies have also found that Omega 3 helps to reduce inflammation, which is a factor in some types of acne. Basically, good for all kinds of skin conditions – in fact, I don’t know a skin type that it won’t benefit. No matter your skin concern, it leaves the skin looking brighter and healthier and feeling more hydrated and nourished.


– A high potency source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, which are essential for radiant, healthy skin
– Soothing, anti-inflammatory properties
– Anti-ageing benefits at the cellular level
– Great for the prevention and treatment of angry, red and photo-damaged skin
– Also works brilliantly on acne skins
– Works for a huge range of skin concerns, from those stemming from an impaired barrier function (redness, sun damage, acne, rosacea, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis) to ageing and stretch marks
– Leaves all skins looking brighter, healthier and feeling more hydrated and nourished


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