CM Glucan Complex


Dermaviduals’ CM Glucan Complex is a powerful serum specially formulated to protect the skin barrier and promote repair by accelerating the wound-healing process. This serum is ideal for protecting skin from UV damage following exposure, as well as using following a laser treatment or even shaving.


CM-Glucan is a polysaccharide, produced from yeast. It is made water soluble by transformation into its carboxymethyl derivative to formulate this unique mono substance.



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One of my ultimate favourite serums, a drum roll please for this baby! If you truly have sensitive, reactive skin, this is the BOMB. With regular use of this C Glucan-derived skin saviour, you’ll find your skin responds better to environmental stresses as this wonder product repairs your skin’s natural defences, works its anti-irritant magic and restores your skin’s moisture barrier.

Why We Sell It

Anyone and everyone can do with it, shouldn’t be without it and can use it – regularly. It stimulates your skin cells to defend themselves from bacteria, UV light, allergens and air pollution; it promotes the growth of keratinocytes (skin’s dominant cells) to enhance the renewal rate of your skin’s surface, and that in turn improves skin firmness and accelerates skin recovery and wound healing. And, last but not least, if you’re suffering from flushed or irritated skin, pop it in the fridge for instant soothing coolness.


– Soothes, protects and improves the function of stressed skin
– Helps your skin strengthen and protect itself
– Promotes skin cell renewal
– Restores and repairs your skin’s moisture barrier
– Soothes irritated, reactive and/or flushed skin
– Good for – sensitive skin, damaged skin, wound healing, eczema, scarring, dryness, cold sores, sunburn


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