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Organic Beeswax Pillar Candles


The UK’s first and only certified organic beeswax pillar candles. Discover the essence of beautiful and relaxing candlelight with this exclusive line of organic beeswax pillar candles from Skär Organics. Available in 2 sizes and 3 beautiful, natural blends. Organic Beeswax, Organic Beeswax and Paprika and Organic Beeswax and Green Tea.

Small pillar candle (380g) H 14cm x W 6.25cm
Large pillar candle (700g) H 19cm x W 7.5cm

Burn Times

Small 50+ Hours
Large 100+ Hours


Hand-poured pillar candle made from European-certified organic beeswax with an unbleached GOTS-certified organic, chlorine-free cotton wick.


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Elevate your surroundings with the subtle touch of refinement that our luxury organic beeswax pillar candles offer. More than just a product, they are a symbol of tasteful living and a homage to the beautiful things in life. Crafted using meticulously sourced certified organic beeswax, these candles are a testament to the beauty of nature. Great joy is taken in collaborating with certified apiaries across Europe, supporting their exceptional management and dedication to their environment.

Why We Sell It

I have searched for years trying to find the best organic beeswax and long-lasting handmade (with care) pillar candles and have never found them – until I stumbled across these. Also, that they are coloured naturally gives me excitement overload! I love them so much – I use them personally and in the clinic. They burn great, smell lovely, and have the nicest energy. Versatile and enduring, they cast a mesmerising glow over serene evenings and intimate gatherings, weaving cherished memories. They embody sophistication, effortlessly resonating with inviting warmth, and adding enchanting accents to every occasion.


In an era where the consciousness around the products we use and their impact on health and the environment has significantly increased, organic certification stands as a hallmark of trust and purity. This is particularly true for products like pillar candles, which have a direct effect on the air we breathe and the ambience we create in our personal spaces. Here’s why certified organic candles, especially beeswax candles, are not just a mark of luxury, but also a symbol of commitment to quality and ecological responsibility. These candles ensure a pure, clean burn.


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