Stratacel Advanced Dressing


Stratacel is a flexible wound dressing specially designed for use on sensitive skin following abrasive beauty and skincare treatments such resurfacing, laser treatments, chemical peels, and more. Its unique formula allows your skin to breathe following application, reducing dryness and irritation.




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The ONE for preventing and healing scars, this incredible silicone gel is a self-drying, transparent, non-sticky, wound-healing wonder. Like a washable plaster, forms a semi-occlusive, protective layer over wounds – amazing for acne and blemish marks and scars. A little goes a long way, so this will last and last.

Why We Sell It

Everyone should have some of this miracle-working, film-forming, wound-healing gel around. The best thing ever for skin that’s angry, irritated or just simply needs healing, it helps scarring as well as post-inflammatory scarring too. Got a lotta love for this one. It’s a wonder for healing burns too. A first-aid skincare must-have.


– An advanced transparent, semi-occlusive wound dressing that helps speed skin healing and prevent scarring
– Low viscosity makes it easy to spread and remove
– Gently adheres to skin, so perfectly kind to sensitive, reactive and damaged skin
– Designed to be kind to all skin types, Stratacel is non-reactive with no measurable pH
– Suitable for people with sensitive skin as well as pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children
– Odourless, with no alcohol, fragrances or parabens


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