Dermaviduals Vitamin A Nanoparticles


Dermaviduals’ Vitamin A Nanoparticles serum helps strengthen the skin’s natural immunity by promoting regeneration and improved skin barrier defences. Its formula also promotes collagen formation, making it ideal for mature skin. This serum is best for evening application as Vitamin A can become compromised by exposure to UV radiation.


Active complex with retinyl palmitate (6000 IU/g) and highly enriched phosphatidylcholine in an aqueous nanodispersion.



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If your skin could ask for just one thing to get its healthy glow on? I think it would be skin-loving Vitamin A… This essential nutrient is key to all aspects of skin health, a multi-talented powerhouse antioxidant that’s proven to combat free radical damage, restore and support the skin barrier and promote the growth of healthy new skin cells. It’s incredibly anti-inflammatory, which helps to calm conditions like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis; it helps regulate sebum production to reduce breakouts and it improves wound healing in acneic skins. Applied topically in the form of retinoids, Vitamin A helps to stimulate collagen production, plumping, firming and reducing fine lines. There is also evidence to suggest that Vitamin A can help limit cell photodamage from the sun and UV rays.

Why We Sell It

Want to use Vit A but unsure where to start? Start with this… This active agent complex effectively delivers a potent, high-quality 6000 IE/g dose of vitamin A to exactly where you need it, thanks to its aqueous formulation in nanoparticles. Also boasts highly enriched phosphatidylcholine (PC), which enhances the actives and also helps to treat acne, restore the skin barrier and improve healing. Just a brilliant Vitamin A product.


– Potent antioxidant vitamin which combats free radical damage with powerful anti-ageing results
– Boosts collagen production and the skin’s regenerative cellular turnover
– Helps to repair damaged DNA within skin cells
– Restores and strengthens the dermal layer
– Improves the skin’s elasticity and texture
– Reduces hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage and ageing
– Balances sebum production and reduces scarring in acneic skins


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