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Ingrid Raphael has attracted media interest, here’s a selection of all recent features and press reviews. 

Emma Herbert- HERBS AND HERBS blog

Ingrid Raphael is a beauty therapist like no other. Your bespoke facial treatment is always crafted and devised on the day of your appointment.  It is not possible to book a treatment from a list of options at this therapy room, oh no.  Instead, you are invited to book  ‘time’ for Ingrid to work her wondrous and expert magic on your skin.

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Emma Herbert- HERBS AND HERBS blog Emma Herbert- HERBS AND HERBS blog

Herbs and Herbs post on Instagram

Herbs and Herbs post on Instagram


Feature – Evening Standard

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Featured article – N16Life Magazine

N16Life Magazine review of Ingrid Raphael bespoke beauty treatments.

“Ingrid knows that each person’s skin has different needs, which is why every Hackney resident must visit her for professional know-how and expert bespoke care.”

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Instagram feature – slyponystudio

SlyPony reposted post on instagram.

“@ingridraphaellondon who does the most amazing nails”

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Wendy Rowe- The facials for your body

“Ingrid Raphael, who’s a medical aesthetician and facialist working in London, offers the best bacial around.”

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Featured article –

Freshen up your manicure. Our expert shares some top tips for sprucing up your manicure.

“Ingrid Raphael is finding two-tone nails with contrasting colour accents are popular…”

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Instagram feature – rainingcakeblog

Rainingcakeblog review of Ingrid Raphael 90 minute bespoke facial treatment posted on Instagram.

“I had THE most incredible facial @ingridraphaellondon…”

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Featured article –

“Facialist Ingrid Raphael is north London’s best kept beauty secret…”

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Instagram feature – Hannahjallan

Hannahjallan review of Ingrid Raphael 90minute bespoke facial treatment posted on Instagram.

‘Ingrid truly has the healing touch and honours the skin for the organ that it is. She will give you a facial but on steroids.’

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Facial Cleansing Brushes: Are They Worth The Hype?

Medical aesthetician and facialist Ingrid Raphael explains: ‘First, ensure your skin is fully coated in a good foaming cleanser. Wet the brush and bristles and use upward circular movements to work across the chin, jawline, cheeks, nose and forehead. This will encourage blood flow and lymph drainage.’

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Also featured in Grazia newsletter

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 Instagram feature – Glamour Living

Glamour Living reposted post on Instagram of their latest collection.

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Instagram feature – N16 Life Magazine

N16 Life Magazine instagram post ‘beautiful beauty salon @ingridraphaellondon’

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 09.33.36 Email press release ‘Back Is The New Black’. Prepare for summer with Ingrid Raphael’s new BACIAL (Back Facial).

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One of 5 best facials for spring 2017 in London. 

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Featured article – Onin London

OninLondon review of Ingrid Raphael 90minute bespoke facial treatment.  

It’s this time of the year that our skin can look dull, dry and a bit flaky. Winter can really take it out on our skin and the only way to get back that glow is giving your skin that much needed TLC, I headed on down to the Ingrid Raphael salon, located near Stoke Newington for a facial and to win back my glow!

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 Instagram feature – Onin London

OninLondon instagram post of their ‘out of this world’ facial. 

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