Celebrating the ‘Minorstones’ of Life: Redefining Happiness One Small Win at a Time

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In a world dominated by heavy expectations and the seemingly relentless pursuit of traditional milestones (get married; buy a house; have a baby…you get it), it’s easy to lose sight of the small joys that enrich our lives. But what if we celebrated the minor accomplishments in our life with as much heart as the big things? 

Not everyone hits the traditional milestones – and not everyone wants to! But even for those who do, how often do the big hitters come around? Those major achievements that everyone makes a fuss of? Certainly not often enough to be the only celebrations in our lives. 

That’s why I’m on a mission to redefine happiness, one ‘minorstone’ at a time. 

As a firm believer in the power of minor victories, I want to share how I celebrate the glimmers of joy that make everyday life better – and how I’m hoping to help you do the same!


Embracing Small Accomplishments

In the midst of rising living costs and the pressures of hustle culture, I firmly believe that happiness lies in not only celebrating conventional milestones, but embracing the smaller pleasures that this life has to offer. For me, a big part of that shift is community.

Having people around us who recognise how important those accomplishments are – people who we can celebrate with, even in the smallest of ways – can be truly transformative. 

But whether you celebrate the minor moments in your life alone, or with your own community, these beautiful and enriching ‘minorstones’ are as deserving of recognition as anything big that happens along the way. 


Finding Light in Dark Times

In an era of corporate optimisation, I find my light by redefining what success, happiness, and community mean on a personal level – and a sustainable scale. Making care for myself, others, and the planet my raison d’être, I am always exploring how my business can nurture kinder and healthier habits – whether that’s through enabling better rest, more mindful self-care, or sustainable consumption.

With a focus on honest consumerism, I put my all into creating uplifting products and services that honour the clients who trust me; helping them to mark the minorstones in their own lives. Whether it’s starting your own business, making a healthy lifestyle change, or getting out of a toxic relationship, I’m here to help people recognise the small wins and support them through their everyday triumphs! 

Because if I’m not improving your life, I’m not doing my job. 


Redefining Community and Care

All too many people run on fumes, and burnout has left a great many people (myself included) yearning for a simpler life. From rural revitalisation to chosen families, I believe it’s time to redefine what community, care, and fulfilment look like. By moving to the beat of our own drum and setting our own rules and values, we can find purpose in rebelling against societal norms and embracing supportive collectives. 

As the allure of major cities wanes, people are starting to seek a more affordable and sustainable lifestyle outside of the big cities – and I want to be part of this shift. By setting up shops in new locations and creating products and services that help people to unplug and escape the urban hustle – if only for a time – I want to facilitate a ‘third space’, outside of the usual environments of home, job, and school. So, watch this space.

Fostering community and connection is a major part of who I am – and I want to share that with you, (whilst also undoing some of the damage the beauty and skincare industries so often inflict)! I’m not into ‘anti-ageing’, because age is nothing to be ashamed of, or to hide from. Instead, I’m driven by helping people to find their confidence – nurturing care, community, and happiness in tangible and achievable ways.

Driven by this ethos, my brand designs for life stages, rather than biological age. And it always will!


My Priorities for a Happier Life 

I’ve spent a great many years learning what makes me feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled. And I came to the realisation that it’s not the big things; it’s not the major milestones. It’s the minorstones. It’s the small, seemingly inconsequential acts of self-care that deliver the greatest restoration. So, here’s what I prioritise: 

  • Hair health and personal care: Looking after myself is a non-negotiable. I care for my hair and my skin with as much passion as I care for my clients. It’s part of my DNA, and helps me to feel grounded.

  • Therapeutic hobbies: Instead of doom scrolling on my phone or spending my whole night in front of Netflix, I like to practice therapeutic hobbies like arts and crafts. Creative expression helps me to connect with how I’m feeling, and provides a fantastic outlet for any stress.

  • Mindfulness: For me, mindfulness is key to better mental health. With so many working days lost because of depression and anxiety, we need to prioritise being in the here and now – which is why celebrating the small wins is so important!

  • Ethical consumption: As a responsible consumer, I try to be as ethical in my choices as possible, and I’d encourage you to do the same – even if you just start by buying ethical chocolate over your regular brand.

  • Joy-seeking: I like to seek out moments in my life that I know will bring me joy – such as honouring the minorstones. I also choose to focus on the good, rather than the bad (trust me when I say that this can completely transform your life).

  • Banishing burnout: By giving up the quest for perfection, I’m focused on being present and decluttering anything that stands in my way. This realisation helped me to move away from burnout and discover the joy of living simply. 


In a world that feels increasingly bigger, faster, and more pressured, scaling back on societal expectations can really help to scale up our daily joy and fulfillment. In my own life, creating happiness through daily rituals and meaningful experiences means I’ve been able to give more of my attention to the things that truly add value to the world.

So please, join me in celebrating the minorstones of life and redefining happiness, one small win at a time. Let’s find joy in the everyday, and build a community that thrives on care, connection, and the pursuit of genuine fulfillment.

Ingrid Raphael