Skin tips from day into night

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Thoughts on morning and evening skincare

Being the magical organ it is, our skin responds to the circadian rhythm of the Earth too.⁠ Each morning, your skin cells steel themselves to protect you from environmental aggressors and external stressors. And every evening, they enter repair mode, recovering and replenishing for the day to come.⁠ In each of these very different states, our skin needs very different nourishment.⁠



All day, our skin is fighting off all our environment throws at it. Morning is the time to give it what it needs to protect itself against these aggressors.⁠


  • Hydrating cleansers⁠
  • Serums rich in antioxidants⁠
  • Moisturisers that strengthen your skin barrier⁠
  • A good SPF⁠
  • SPF lip balm – so often overlooked!⁠


Acids, retinol, and anything else that compromises your skin’s barrier⁠



Nighttime is when your skin repairs itself, manufacturing new proteins like elastin and collagen for that plumped, “good night’s sleep” look. This is the time for products that give these natural rejuvenating processes a helping hand, as well as anything designed to address skin issues.⁠


  • Retinol, because it boosts the production of proteins⁠
  • Gentle exfoliation⁠
  • Masks⁠
  • Any topicals to treat skin concerns⁠
  • A hydrating moisturiser to boost skin lipids and counter any drying acids⁠


  • Antioxidants – not because they’ll harm your skin, but because they’re just so much more effective in the day.

Ingrid Raphael