Homemade Mud Pack Recipe

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Brightening, cleansing, restorative and rejuvenating – for beautiful, glowy skin.

Mud pack heaven! I promise this is one you’ll come back to time and time again.


Use 1 tsp of each:


Balances and soothes redness.

The secret beauty ingredient of Somali women for centuries, qasil powder is a plant-derived natural humectant that’s wonderfully restorative for dry and dehydrated skin, packed with antioxidants, as well as being antibacterial, anti-ageing and anti-acne.


Removes toxins and protects from free radicals.

A volcanic wonder-mineral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant zeolite’s superpower lies in its ability to absorb, hold, release and exchange different chemicals, nutrients, and ions according to your skin’s needs, drawing out impurities and protecting your skin from external aggressors.


Use organic toothed wrack. Pumped with vitamins for tautness and glow.

Seaweed offers a whole host of benefits and healing properties for skin, from regulating oil production to helping smooth fine lines and wrinkles; soothing and moisturising dry, sensitive skin and inflamed conditions like acne and rosacea to brightening, tightening and exfoliating.


Gently clears and brightens.

Kaolin clay is so mild it can be used by all types and is especially good for acne sufferers. It tenderly soaks up excess oil and clears pores, while the slightly grainy texture gently exfoliates, removing dead cells for brighter, softer and more glowy skin.


As always, source the best quality ingredients you can.

  • Mix all the ingredients with water. You can use pure floral water for an extra touch of decadence.⁠
  • Apply and leave for 20 minutes.⁠
  • Wash off gently with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry.⁠

Do get in touch if you try this recipe – I’d love to hear how you get on!

Ingrid Raphael